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Home Groan…

Home Groan...

I used to think that all herbs came beautifully packaged complete with a Waitrose label and a 48 hour lifespan. I now know differently. I now know that buying a ‘fresh’ carton of herbs from a supermarket is not exactly ‘living the good life’ and certainly not the first steps on the way to having my own small holding no matter how hard I pretend. I have a good sized garden and hands that function. It’s time that I cultivated a herb garden – and not one that only exists on my window ledge in co-ordinating pots. I need to get my hands dirty, and my mind out of the countless books I own on how to grow things. I am a champion procrastinator. A first class researcher. Need to know the theory behind it all? I’m your gal. Need to start getting things sorted in practice…not so much.